Mike Patz Lead Pastor

Robbie Johnson Executive Pastor

Ryan Beacher Lincoln Campus Pastor

Matt Ulrich Microchurch Pastor

Maru Opabola Building Expansion and Justice Director

Michael Lugones High School Pastor

Andrea Levings Missions Director

Joel Romelus University Campus Pastor

Bubba Rosenow Director of Technical & Creative Arts & Information Systems

Carey Goin Techincal Director

Tom Brenneman Generations Pastor

Renee Handtke Women's Microchurch Coordinator & Breakthrough Director

Steve Adams Director of Music

Mike Lane Middle School Pastor

Eric Dinius Internship Pastor

Jon Lash South Florida Campus Pastor

Priscilla Brown Greenhouse Kids Director

Courtney Miles Kanapaha Kids Coordinator

Sarah Dey Social Media and Digital Content Coordinator

Sean Crawford Church Online Director and Storytelling

Joel Searby Kanapaha Campus Pastor

Ruth Patz Creative Assistant

Ryan Galloway Worship Leader

Michael Davis Worship Leader

Jamie Jacob South Florida Worship Leader

Tim Welch Facilities Director

Cindy-Joy Rosado Worship Leader

Kurt Rosenhauer Local Missions Coordinator

Julie Pagan Operations & HR Manager

Aldreka Everett University Campus Administrative Assistant

Kim Rollins Lincoln Campus Children's Ministries Director

Brooke Bauzon Lead Graphic Designer & SWEAT Ministry Assistant

Janine Johnson Kid Keeper Coordinator

Andrea Ramos Technical Arts Coordinator

Betty Wilkinson Operations Assistant

Christine SepĂșlveda South Florida Administrative Assistant

Jaleesa Joseph Internship Coordinator; NW Hospitality Director

Tracey Welch Receptionist

Danely Martinez Women's Microchurch Coordinator

Wendy Roche Local Missions Coordinator

Mel Galvis Lincoln Campus Ministry Assistant

Maryann Flynn South Florida Kids Director

Diya Sundarrao Greenhouse Kids Administrative Assistant

Kevin Prescott South Florida Technical Arts Resident

Erik Stephen SWEAT High School Ministry Resident

Carlye Owens Justice Resident

Angel Avalos Pastoral Resident