Global Missions

How you can help

We send our best people

We are a sending church. Our prayer is to mobilize one hundred of our best people as long-term missionaries for the sake of over three billion people who live without access to the gospel. We long to see the Great Commission fulfilled in out lifetime. We are committed to planting churches and sending more laborers so that Jesus may be glorified among every people group.

We send our best resources

Our God is a generous God, and we want to be like Him. We want to be a church marked by radical generosity and wisdom. Our aim is to give 50% of ever dollar we spend to missions. As a church, we want to joyfully give and reorient everything to make disciples who make disciples near, far, and to the ends of the earth.

Where do we partner?

We support key mission projects such as providing humanitarian aid, welcoming refugees, protecting the poor from violence, combating educational inequality, ending human trafficking, caring for the persecuted church and planting churches in the most difficult corners of the world. We serve the poor, the orphan, the widow, and the foreigner so Jesus can be made known on earth as in heaven.

Where do we go?

The Great Commission is not a suggestion to a few, but a command to us all. Over 40% of people throughout the world live every day in places with little to no access to the gospel. This is unacceptable. We provide short-term trip opportunities so individuals and families can prayerfully experience and consider long-term missions work so the whole world can have access to the gospel.

How do we give?

We want to be incredibly generous and incredibly wise because we serve a God who is generous and wise. We run every missions support request and partnership opportunity through a critical lens to ensure that every dollar we invest has its maximum impact. We only give to organizations that display financial transparency and accountability.

Donate to Greenhouse missions

We are a movement of generosity. We aim to give 50% of all that we spend to missions, justice and the poor. Join us in this generosity adventure!