Local Missions

Starting in our own backyard

We see a city transformed by justice and righteousness

Marked by the words we read in Isaiah 1:17, Micah 6:8, Proverbs 31:8-9, we know that as disciples we are called to do justice and care for the vulnerable, locally and globally. So when we encounter injustice in our city we are moved to both compassion and action. We invite you to join us by volunteering to serve in any of our local outreach programs.

Local Statistics

  • Florida ranks 3rd highest in the nation for reported human trafficking cases. (Polaris Project, 2020)
  • About 1 in 3 people in Gainesville are affected by poverty. (Data USA)
  • In Alachua County, students at an economic disadvantage experience a near 40-point achievement gap across all subjects compared to their peers. (Florida Department of Education)

Mentoring & Tutoring

The Greenhouse mentoring and tutoring programs utilize prevention and intervention techniques to support youth in Gainesville through key school partnerships and programs that help students achieve regardless of their zip code. It also increases resources available to support sustainable community development and empowerment initiatives.

Neighborhood Outreach

Neighborhood partnerships seek to empower, unify and strengthen communities through weekly kids church, youth development, leadership initiatives and community development programs in under-resourced neighborhoods. Greenhouse currently partners with three neighborhood communities in Northwest, East and Southwest Gainesville.

Senior Adults Outreach

We minister weekly to homebound senior adults through Sunday worship services at Windsor Assisted Living and through Faithful Friends – a discipleship and companionship outreach at Parklands Care Center. We also partner with Meals on Wheels to practically care for senior adults vulnerable to food insecurity and isolation.

Foster Care & Adoption

Foster and Adoption Ministry (FAM) empowers and equips families and individuals to care for vulnerable children through foster care, family preservation, and when necessary to provide permanent homes through adoption. FAM also provides wrap-around compassionate care ministry to the church’s foster and adoptive families throughout their journey of walking alongside vulnerable children.

Correctional Facilities

Greenhouse partners with ministries led by church and community leaders that proclaim the gospel and form key relationships within adult and juvenile detention centers. We help provide prayer, counseling and mentoring opportunities, and help individuals obtain basic needs, housing, and jobs in their transition from jail or prison.

Why care about justice?

We care about justice because God cares deeply about justice, a concept mentioned over 1500 times in the Bible. Reading Scripture, we regularly encounter commands to care for four groups of people collectively known as the “quartet of the vulnerable”– orphans, widows, those who are fatherless, and the poor. These groups represented those who were most vulnerable and most susceptible to exploitation in ancient Israelite society. Today, we seek to obey God’s heart and follow the Biblical example set before us by caring for the vulnerable and marginalized in our own city.