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Radical Generosity

We strive to give 50% of everything we spend back to missions, church planting, and the poor. We realize that The Church has been guilty of sending money to places that offer very little kingdom return and we are committed to resist this form of bad stewardship. We run every missions request and partnership opportunity through a critical lens to ensure that every dollar we invest has its maximum impact.

Five questions we ask before we invest

Does this “remember the poor”?
Does this reach the lesser reached?
Does this include indigenous partnerships?
Is this work sustainable & reproducible?
Is this work saturated in prayer?

Few things compete against God for our affections quite like our finances do. Money promises happiness, security, comfort, and power, but it never fully delivers. If we want to use money as a tool rather than serve it as a master, we need the help that Jesus offers.

He talks about money more than almost any other topic, and you may be surprised at how helpful the principles of scripture are for managing our pocketbooks.

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