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We take the call to make disciples seriously, but discipleship and following Jesus can’t be done alone.

A chance to develop real friendships

We know how hard it is to have the time to develop real friendships, which is why we created microchurches to be a place where you can belong, grow spiritually, and be empowered to do what God has called you to do.

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Microchurches are gatherings of 5-40 people committed to living life together and growing as disciples of Jesus who meet weekly in homes, online, on college campuses, and other venues all throughout Gainesville and its surrounding cities and bring the revolution of the Kingdom here on earth.

Why you need a microchurch

Church extends beyond the walls of a Sunday gathering, and we need each other on more than just Sundays to bring this mandate to life. Discipleship is an integrated call to live life with other believers and those who do not believe yet to bring the Kingdom of God wherever we go. We take our cues from Scripture and regularly gather with smaller groups of people on at least a weekly basis to form the church around this pursuit.

A chance to develop real friendships

The space for you to grow spiritually

Fellowship that helps you to be empowered

Created for more: the Microchurch Promise

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Lead people in worship, mission, & community.