Byron Williams

Hub Pastor

The Hub
Prayer Ministry

Byron was raised in Chicago, IL. He moved to Jackson, MS, just before starting high school. He had several encounters with God at a young age and tried to establish himself in Christ as a young adult. Although he had a heart to follow God, he lacked strong, consistent, close Godly influences. It wasn’t until his 3rd year as a student at Mississippi State University, where he connected with other believers at a local campus ministry, that his life in Christ began to flourish. He met and then married the brilliant and beautiful Lakiesha Claude in 2005. 

Byron and Lakiesha both went on to complete doctoral degrees and worked for several years as professors at MSU. In 2018, they accepted faculty positions at the University of Florida and moved to Gainesville with their amazing daughters, Sophia and Sage. Byron joined the Greenhouse staff in May of 2021 after almost 3 years as an Associate Professor in Computer & Information Science & Engineering at UF. Byron strongly desires wisdom and a high capacity for building systems. His favorite Bible stories feature  Joseph, Solomon, and Daniel, men who relied on God’s wisdom to impact their worlds. 

Byron enjoys all things tech, writing software programs, reading books, and hanging out with his family.