Greenhouse Movement

We want to plant disciples

church planting vision

We are a family of church planting churches

First Virtue

We are a movement of the first love. The first command is our first priority: Love the Lord your God. Your face, O Lord, we will seek.

We Plant Disciples

Jesus never told us to plant churches. He told us to make disciples.

Both/And approach

We are a both/and church planting movement. We will not separate the macro and micro gatherings. This is our ecclesial minimum and a must for Greenhouse church planters.

Cities We are Targeting


  • 2025 – Orlando
  • 2026 – Tallahassee
  • 2027 – Miami

Do you have a heart to plant elsewhere in Florida?

3-part equipping process

Observe & Train

Outcome: Healthy, Green, and Fluent Disciple

  • Individual Assessments: Every planter will be thoroughly assessed in the following areas: APEST gifting, Discipleship and leader Assessments, Working Genius assessments, and Character and wholeness assessments.
  • Greenhouse DNA: Planters will immerse in Greenhouse culture through the following means: read The Green Book, take Greenhouse School of Ministry Core Classes, Learn and Experience Microchurch Best Practices
  • Complete the Greenhouse Discipleship Pathway: Each planter will participate in and help lead the following steps of the pathway: Activate, Breakthrough, Participate and then Lead Microchurches, Serve Teams, Discipleship Training

Key Question: Do we hold a shared church planting vision?

Lead & Coach

Outcome: Healthy, Green, and Fluent Disciple-Maker

  • Manager and Coach: Each planter will be paired with a manager and a coach
  • Assemblies of God Credentialing: Each planter, if not already, will become credentialed
  • Launch from Scratch: Planters will be tested by building a microchurch from the ground up
  • Lead/Coach DT: Planters will be trained as a coach for our discipleship training and microchurch leader training
  • Experience Multiplication: Planters will be immersed and experience a microchurch multiplication
  • Preaching, Vision Casting, Stage Communication: Planters will have ample opportunities to hone communication skills in multiple environments
  • Ministry Leadership: Planters will lead and be coached in Sunday ministries and receive key leadership development.
  • Budget Oversight: Planters will learn/sharpen their skills on how to oversee a large-scale church budget

Key Question: Does this person have the skills to launch, lead, and multiply?


Outcome: Healthy, Green, and Fluent Planter

  • Immersion at a Current GH Plant: Planters will shadow a current GH church planter at one of our newly planted churches
  • CMN: Planters will attend Church Multiplication Network training
  • Recruit APEST Planting Team: Planters will establish an APEST launch team
    consisting of no less than 6 people

  • Contextualized Vision: Planter will confirm the location and vision for the church plant
    that is birthed out of prayer

  • Formalized Documentation: Planter will establish the required paperwork to establish
    the new church plant

Key Question: Can this person recruit a team and launch a church plant?

Financial Support

  • Planters will receive a part-time stipend for their time during the church planting residency
  • Planters can receive up to 150K of matching funds once they successfully go through our equipping process