Summer B: June 30 – August 10, 2024

College Internship

A 6-Week Discipleship Experience That Will Change Your Life


You will experience authentic discipleship from Pastor Mike, staff, and missionaries. Creative evangelism training and outreach on college campuses. Microchurch planting & leadership development. Behind-the-scenes look at church staff life. Personal discipleship & accountability. Building a deep prayer life. Special college ministry planning. Inter-generational relationships. A celebration trip… and more!

What is the schedule like?

This will be about a 25-hour commitment per week with ample flexibility in between. There will be bonus & exclusive perks, such as staff meetings, that interns can partake in throughout the day. Here are the required hours from June 30 – August 10:

  • Tuesday & Wednesday: 7-11am, 5-9pm
  • Thursday: 7-11am
  • Sunday: 4-9pm

Where will the internship take place?

The internship locations will primarily be at the Greenhouse Church Hub, the University of Florida, and Santa Fe College. Along with robust spiritual enrichment and forming spiritual disciplines, we will be living missionally. UF and Santa Fe welcome thousands of new students to Gainesville during Summer B. We feel God’s sincere and earnest call to carry out the great commission on our respective campuses, and we’re ecstatic to see you come alive to answer this call!

What’s the Cost?

Registration costs $400. This price includes tuition, training materials and resources, meals, a special end-of-the-summer trip and more. Applications close May 15.

Have more questions or do you want more information? Email Justin at