Summer Training Classes

June 10 – July 29, 2024

The Hub

During the summer, many of the Microchurches take breaks to prepare for the Fall. To continue being poured into as a community and going deeper with God, we have created FREE Summer Training Classes for you to join.

FOUNDATIONS OF PRAYER. Oscar Roche. 4 weeks. June 10 – July 1, Mondays 7-9 pm, MINISTRY ROOM EAST (formerly known as Activate Room) In this course, we will briefly survey Jesus the Intercessor and the lives of intercessors throughout the Old and New Testaments and church history. Jesus’ disciples heard all His messages, saw all of His miracles and healings, witnessed much deliverance, and heard many gracious words. It is not recorded that they ever asked to be instructed on any of these great things, but they specifically asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Even more than discipline, the disciples learned that prayer was to be an active relationship with God. A revelation of the Lord’s delight in us is what settles us in His presence and releases us into a confident and enjoyable prayer. (NOTES WILL BE PROVIDED*)

REFINING OUR MARRIAGES. Greenhouse Staff and Ministry Leaders. 4 weeks. July 8 -July 29, Mondays 7-9 pm, MINISTRY ROOM EAST (formerly known as Activate Room) Each night will be a combination of a live teaching followed by a table discussion about the teaching as well as some creative ways to incorporate discipleship into your marriage. You will get to know other couples in the church and hopefully not only help your marriage, but also help to get you connected here at Greenhouse.

DEEPER WALK WITH GOD. Ruth Patz. 5 weeks. June 13 – July 18, Thursdays 7- 9pm, MINISTRY ROOM EAST (formerly known as Activate Room) Sometimes, I wonder, “How can so many people go to church for so many years and still seem so far away from the abundant life Christ promised?” We need to follow a more holistic discipleship model. A heart-focused discipleship model is built on five core elements of the gospel—freedom, identity, Spirit, heart-focused community, and mission. When you bring these elements together, they create a clear path to a deeper walk with God. This class aims to meet you where you are to help you develop a new level of maturity in your walk with God. I am confident that following this path will help you experience a deeper and more vibrant walk with God.

JOURNEY THROUGH JAMES. Sean Johnson & Denise Long. 5 weeks. June 18 – July 16, Tuesdays 6-7:30 pm MINISTRY ROOM EAST (formerly known as Activate Room) Are you struggling with your faith? Are you still clinging to old habits and following the wisdom of the world? Then, come on this journey with James where you will discover practical advice for living the Christian life.

UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE. Eric Dinius. 5 weeks. June 18th – July 16th, Tuesdays 7-9pm MINISTRY ROOM WEST (formerly known as College Room) Every Christian knows they should read the Bible but few really understand it. In this course for believers of all experience levels, you will learn: The main storyline of the Bible and how the Testaments are connected, to see Christ as the central figure in all the scriptures, and personal study practices to support a lifetime of Bible engagement.