Discipleship Training

Called to be a disciple maker

The Great Commission is Clear:

Go Make Disciples.

Every follower of Jesus wants to be faithful to this call and live a life that matters. We all
want to have an eternal legacy and be able to look Jesus in the face and hear Him say,
“Well done, good and faithful servant.”

The problem is that most Christians don’t know what it means to make disciples, have
never been discipled themselves, or have never been shown how. The desire is there
but the equipping is lacking.

This is where Discipleship Training comes in! DT is a nine-week course that is led by
pastors and disciple-makers who have dozens of years of experience making disciples.
The primary goal of Discipleship Training is to help make disciples who are equipped as
disciple-makers and confident in leading other followers of Jesus in discipleship settings.

We aim to do this in three ways: through intense spiritual formation, developing their
disciple-making capacities through interactive teaching and learning, and by giving DT
participants face time with some of the pastoral staff and DT coaches
during the 9 weeks of DT.

Frequently asked questions

Discipleship Training FAQs

If you are interested in participating in Discipleship Training and would like to receive updates about the next orientation email Pastor Matt: mulrich@greenhousechurch.org.

If you are following Jesus and want to be faithful to the call to make disciples, this
is for you!

DT meets on Sundays from 4-6pm

When we are meeting in person, childcare will be provided.

You learn how to be a disciple and how to become a disciple maker. We do this through teaching, reading through a book on spiritual leadership, and breaking up into smaller groups called “coach groups” for interactive discussion to ensure that each participant is getting one on one attention and discipleship. We also have an intense weekly spiritual formation plan to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and have a better grasp of spiritual disciplines.


The beauty of microchurch is that you come as you are, wherever you stand in your faith, and you are loved, encouraged and challenged towards a passionate pursuit of Christ. They walk with us in the valley, fight for us in the prayer room, and are there to celebrate with us in the mountaintops. These are our people!

Wayne and Ingrid Carney