What Is a Microchurch?

We know how hard it is to have the time to develop real friendships, which is why we created microchurches to be a place where you can belong, grow spiritually, and be empowered to do what God has called you to do.

Microcurches are small groups that meet in homes, places of business, at Greenhouse Church on college campuses and online, and are a safe place to learn and grow.

We’ve helped thousands of people find their place in a thriving microchurch community. We want to help you find yours and fulfill the God-given desire we all have to grow and live life together.

“Joining a Microchurch has been the most impactful thing in my life- it gave me the chance to experience a community of others who love Jesus who I can learn from and be submerged in, encouraged and supported by in my walk with Jesus throughout the week.”

Leigh Ann Skurupey

The Microchurch Promise

We don’t want you living this life with Jesus alone and not become the world changer you were created to be, so we want to help you find the right microchurch for you.

Here is our microchurch team promise. We guarantee that you will:

  1. Find the community you are looking for.
  2. Grow spiritually.
  3. Have opportunities to be empowered to do what God has called you to do.

If not, give us a call or email one of the microchurch team members and we will meet with you and find the right microchurch for you that will help you reach these goals!