We Seek the Lord

At Greenhouse, we believe that ministry for God without intimacy with God is a dead work. Mission to the world without a connection with the God who loves the world is a filthy rag. Anything of eternal consequence flows out of our relationship with Father. Far too much of the ministry being attempted today is deprived of the soul-morphing effect of an intimate encounter with God.

If we want to reflect our King, and represent our King, we must imitate our King. And before the sun had even risen, He would find a solitary place – a place to shut the door on distraction. To shut the door on temptation. To shut the door on all competitors for his attention. Because behind the shut door Father gets the monopoly. In fact, this is precisely how Jesus taught us to seek His face: go, shut the door, and pray to your Father who is in secret. (Matthew 6:6)

We challenge people to be extravagant in their devotion. We equip people to move from duty to delight. We call people to the place of encounter with God.