San Felasco Nursery in Gainesville, Florida

San Felasco Nursery started in 1974 and is located in Gainesville FL. San Felasco Nursery started with a single green building and three classrooms. The building is almost fifty years old and the classrooms have replaced it but history lives on in the name. San Felasco Nursery has gone through many changes over the years as all businesses do especially when they grow. Over the years, San Felasco Nursery has branched out to include a second school, a nursery for small children, a gardening center, a gardening school, an organic farm, and a playground and fitness center.

San Felasco Nursery Attractions

 The main attraction at San Felasco Nursery Inc is a large portion of their plants, which are grown in their greenhouse on the San Felasco River. They not only offer plants for you to grow in your garden, but they also offer advice on what plants would be best suited for your home environment. You will find San Felasco Nursery Inc offers a complete line of plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, shrubbery, landscaping, landscape maintenance, and garden accessories. San Felasco Nursery is very proud that half of their sales are from their customers who tell others they used their services.

 The school San Felasco Nursery started with was a parlor called The Plaza, it later became a school. The building has been extensively remodeled and is now a modern yet elegant school offering lessons in science, math, art, and foreign languages. The school offers many programs including four different science labs, a fitness center, a restaurant, a natural foods market, and even a small bookstore.

San Felasco Nursery

7315 NW 126th St, Gainesville, FL 32653

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