It is our goal to partner with parents as they take the lead in the spiritual development of their children. We believe that there is much to be gained when parents and the church work together. Our partnership is important in helping kids grow and develop as passionate followers of Jesus. Here are four ways parents can partner with us as we minister to children:

Come to Greenhouse Kids Each Week During the Same Service

During Greenhouse Kids, children are placed in small groups with kids of the same grade and gender. Their small group leader serves at the same service every week. Attending a consistent service each weekend will help kids connect to both their leaders and their peers.

Utilize Family Resources

We use the 252 Basics curriculum which provides several resources to help parents talk with their kids about the gospel and how it relates to their lives. These resources include Parent Cue Cards, the Parent CUE App and an online resource for children to use at home called

BibleTime and PrayerTime

Encourage and help your kids to spend time with God through BibleTime and PrayerTime throughout the week. Each week, we give kids a GodTime card. With these, we hope to encourage Greenhouse kids to spend time daily with God through prayer and Bible study. Parents can help with this by helping their children establish a regular time each day when they spend time with God.

Get Involved in a Microchurch

The best thing we as parents can offer our children spiritually is that we ourselves have an alive, vibrant, and growing relationship with God. The right Microchurch can make the difference in helping you in your own relationship with Christ. Find a Microchurch for your family.