Sundays in September

We’re excited to present to you Open House: Sundays in September! Whether you’re checking out Greenhouse for the first time, or you’ve been a part of this Faith Family for years, this is a perfect month to get to know who we are on a deeper level, find out how you can get involved, meet new people, and spend time in fellowship. We’ll also have some great food and other surprises for you!

Ready to Invite?

This month is a great time to invite your friends, coworkers, roommates, neighbors, and family members to a Greenhouse service on Sundays. Open House is happening both at the Hub and the UA. A great way to spread the word is by posting the following images on your social media pages! Feel free to download the following and share them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook/Twitter- Hub Green

Facebook/Twitter- Hub Yellow

Facebook/Twitter- UA Green

Facebook/Twitter- UA Yellow


Instagram Square- Hub Green

Instagram Square- Hub Yellow

Instagram Square- UA Green

Instagram Square- UA Yellow


Instagram Story- Hub Green

Instagram Story- Hub Yellow

Instagram Story- UA Green

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