Discipleship Pathway

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The Discipleship Pathway is a way for us to help you become all that God has created you to be. Whether you are new to following Jesus, new to Greenhouse Church or have been following Jesus and attending Greenhouse for years, this pathway is designed to help you find and take your next step.

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    Teaching new believers or those simply new to Greenhouse about the discipleship paradigm of worship, mission, and community and how they can connect.


    This class allows you to meet some of our pastors and staff in a very interactive setting as you hear about the heart and passions of our church from those who are living it out. We converse about our church history, beliefs, structure, and most importantly, how you fit into our church’s call and pursuit of Jesus and His Kingdom.

    Get Activated


    This six-week discipleship course is tailor-made for new believers to help you get rooted and grounded in basic Biblical principles, connect with the elders and deacons of our church, and help find your place here at the Greenhouse Church. You can join at any time… you don’t have to wait for Week 1 to jump in!

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    Breakthrough Weekend

    This weekend retreat is designed as a setting for you to deeply connect with God. There will be times of teaching, worship, drama presentations, connecting with other people, fun activities, but most importantly, you will be receiving individual prayer and ministry. It is truly a life transforming weekend!

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    Leading people into a lifestyle of progressing and truly embodying the discipleship elements of worship, mission, and community.


    Microchurches are built around the unique callings, passions, and vision of the microchurch leaders where worship, mission, and community take place in a smaller setting. These gatherings are where you are known, cared for, discipled, and encouraged to discover and utilize your gifts and callings.

    Join An MC

    House of Prayer

    We see Greenhouse as a house of prayer, fully committed to both personally and corporately seeking God’s face. Whether it is through corporate prayer, intercessory prayer, or inner-healing prayer, we want everyone how calls Greenhouse their church home to be progressing in their prayer life and deep love for Jesus.

    Pray with Us


    As a church body, Greenhouse Church has not only been called to missions globally but also locally. We are committed to creating an alternative culture that declares
    this kingdom in both words and deed – especially to the marginalized, vulnerable, and oppressed in our city. Whether that is on a Sunday or throughout the week in our community, we would love to partner with you!

    Live on Mission

    Discover Your Calling / Get Trained

    Helping disciples discern their calling while providing core discipleship and leadership paradigms, in-depth ministry trainings, and key experiences.

    Discipleship Training

    The purpose of this 8-week course is to help you become confident and equipped not only as a disciple of Jesus, but also as a disciple-maker. We aim to do so through spiritual formation, developing disciple-making capacities through interactive teaching and learning, helping you discover your God-given calling, and by giving participants face time with pastors, elders, and staff.

    Get Equipped

    Greenhouse School of Ministry

    The school of ministry gives you access to various
    modules created in-house that cover a wide array of theological, Biblical, missional, and practical trainings that will help you become a mature, well-rounded disciple of Jesus. We also have a partnership with Trinity Bible College where you can pursue undergrad and graduate degrees, as well as the option to be a credentialed minister in the Assemblies of God.

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    Launching As A Disciple-Maker

    Releasing disciples to fulfill their specific callings and make disciples in their microchurches, ministries, or spheres of influence.

    Microchurch Leader

    We are all called to make disciples: with your neighbors and friends, at your job, at your school, or centered around a cause or ministry you are passionate about. Leading a microchurch means you are putting discipleship in action and engaging people in worship, mission, and community wherever you find yourself! Being in a microchurch and then completing Discipleship Training are the steps to becoming a fully engaged microchurch leader.

    Become A Disciple Maker

    Discipleship Group Leader

    While the call to make disciples is for everyone, we recognize that not everyone has the leadership desire or capacity in the season of life they are in to lead 6-40 people in a microchurch setting. A discipleship group is functionally a smaller, more flexible microchurch of 2-4 people where the call to be a disciple who makes other green disciple-makers is the goal.

    Attend DT

    Ministry Leader

    If you have a passion for kids, youth, college students, tech, hospitality, local or global missions, graphic design, prayer, or worship, we want to put you in a place where you are not only learning the skillset needed to thrive in these areas, but also in positions where you can lead others in doing so as well. We want every person leading to the capacity they feel called to do so in the area they are passionate about!

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    They walk with us in the valley, while fighting for us in the prayer room, and are there to celebrate with us on the mountaintops, all while praising Jesus our source. These are our people. Wayne & Ingrid Carney