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We See A City...

Transformed by justice and righteousness.

Marked by the words we read in Isaiah 1:17, Micah 6:8, Proverbs 31:8-9, we know that as disciples we are called to do justice and care for the vulnerable, locally and globally. So when we encounter injustice in our city we are moved to both compassion and action.

We invite you to join us by volunteering to serve in any of our local outreach programs.

Local Missions

Serving the community

As a church body, Greenhouse Church has not only been called to missions globally, but also locally. Jesus and his followers declared the good news of the kingdom by both words and deeds. Because of this, we are committed to creating an alternative culture that declares this kingdom in both words and deed – especially to the marginalized, vulnerable, and oppressed in our city.
We embrace the call to give of ourselves and go where others are not going, and reach out and love the isolated, unreached, and those deemed untouchable by society. We currently help coordinate and facilitate multiple outreach opportunities that are focused on serving and impacting our community. Join us by getting involved!

What we do

School Partnerships

The Greenhouse Mentoring and Tutoring Program utilizes prevention and intervention techniques to support youth in Gainesville through key school partnerships and programs that help students achieve regardless of their zip code. It also increases resources available to support sustainable community development and empowerment initiatives.

Neighborhood Outreach

Neighborhood partnerships seek to empower, unify and strengthen communities through weekly kids church, youth development, leadership initiatives and community development programs in under-resourced neighborhoods. Greenhouse currently partners with three neighborhood communities in Northwest, East and Southwest Gainesville.

Senior Adults Outreach

We minister weekly to homebound senior adults through Sunday worship services at Windsor Assisted Living, through Faithful Friends – a discipleship and companionship outreach at Parklands Care Center, and with bi-weekly house church services, also at Parklands Care Center. We also partner with Meals on Wheels to practically care for senior adults vulnerable to food insecurity and isolation.

Homeless Community

We work with various local ministries to offer Gainesville’s homeless community dignity-laden assistance and access to a variety of social services. Join us throughout the week to work alongside SOCK Ministry to provide nutritious meals, necessary resources and prayer to the local downtown homeless community.

Foster Care & Adoption

Foster and Adoption Ministry (FAM) empowers and equips families and individuals to care for vulnerable children through foster care, family preservation, and when necessary to provide permanent homes through adoption. FAM also provides wrap-around compassionate care ministry to the church’s foster and adoptive families throughout their journey of walking alongside vulnerable children.

Human Trafficking

We partner with Created Gainesville to reach and restore women who have been trafficked or sexually exploited. Through outreach and rehabilitative care programs, women are given opportunities to better understand their value, beauty, and destiny in Jesus.

Correctional Facilities

Greenhouse partners with multiple ministries led by church and community leaders that proclaim the gospel and form life-changing relationships within adult and juvenile detention centers. We help provide prayer, counseling and mentoring opportunities and help inmates obtain basic needs, housing, and jobs in their transition from jail or prison.

Donate To Greenhouse

We are a movement of generosity. We aim to give 50% of all that we spend to missions, justice initiatives, church planting, and the poor. Join us in this generosity adventure.


Throughout Scripture we read about God’s concern for people who are vulnerable or suffering – the poor, the widows and orphans, the foreigners in the land, and so on. All Christians should feel a sense of calling to where there is pain in our society.

Dr. John Perkins

19 Brain Skills that Build Joyful Community

    1. Share Joy
    2. Simple Quiet
    3. Bonds for Two
    4. Appreciation
    5. Family Bonds
    6. Heart Values
    7. Synchronized Stories
    8. Maturity Levels
    9. Take a Breather
    10. Nonverbal Stories
    11. Return to Joy
    12. Act Like Myself
    13. See What God Sees
    14. Stop the Sark
    15. Interactive Quiet
    16. High and Low Energy
    17. Attachment Styles
    18. Five Levels of Pain
    19. Complex Emotions

From “Transforming Fellowship: 19 Skills That Build Joyful Community” by Chris M. Coursey