Justice Initiatives

Transforming economic, educational, and criminal sectors

We See

Churches of Passion;
strong with missions & the poor - for we have been sent.

Do justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.

Our actions point towards god

We see a church set apart in its desire to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly. We envision bridging the gap between East and West Gainesville and an elimination of the notion that there are people on the “other side of the track”. All of our actions are intended to point to the God who is radical in His commitment to the poor and the oppressed.

Racial Justice1

4th in the nation

economic disparity between rich & Poor

In Gainesville, there exist statistics that are both unacceptable and exhilarating. We rank fourth in the nation for having the most economic disparity between the rich and the poor. There exists a huge chasm in our public education system between schools on the East and West sides of town, largely driven by economic disadvantage. Evidence shows that two-thirds of students living in poverty are not performing on grade level. Lack of education and poverty are the greatest common denominators for incarceration, causing the cycle of poverty and despair to continue.

On fire for justice

Turn the facts & figures upside down

So what about this could be exhilarating? We have the opportunity to turn these facts and figures upside down. For it to be on earth as is it in heaven in our city: Just, righteous, and equitable.

We also acknowledge that doing justice for the poor without introducing them to their Lord and Savior would be an act of injustice in itself. We do not seek to do justice with manipulative motives, but we also believe that to truly love people, we need to invite them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Justice without Jesus is bad news for everyone. Only when we have been washed clean by the blood of Christ and made righteous in His sight can we advocate for justice in this broken world.

Compassion for the vulnerable

Why care about justice?

We care about justice because God cares deeply about justice. In Scripture, the term “justice” is mentioned over 1,500 times, and the poor are mentioned over 400 times. When God speaks about justice, he often mentions four groups of people that are collectively known as the “quartet of the vulnerable”- the orphans, widows, fatherless, and the poor. These were the most vulnerable groups in ancient Israelite society and were the most susceptible to exploitation, therefore, God commanded His people to ensure these groups are provided justice. Although our current society differs dramatically from the era in which the Israelites lived, we seek to obey God’s heart by ensuring justice for the most marginalized in Gainesville.

What we're passionate about

Areas of interest

While there are dozens of issues of injustice in our city and around the world, we have chosen to narrow our focus to a few issues of pressing concern in our communities. These include criminal justice & legal aid, education, Biblical theology, poverty, and economic development.

Financial support

Giving To
Make a difference

Please consider partnering with us financially as we seek transform the economic, educational, and criminal justice sectors of our city through various justice initiatives including restoration of voting rights and other strategic partnerships. Every dollar you give specifically towards these efforts go straight to partners in our city who are making a difference on a daily basis. Thank you!


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Check out a collection of resources that we know will help you as you look to make an impact around the world.


But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

Amos 5:24