Lost souls matter to God, so they matter to us.

Because the Bible makes it clear that God’s heart is for every tribe, tongue and nation, we are absolutely dedicated to the call to be a sending church and a missions outpost. But we are also a movement of wisdom.

We are aware that short-term trips can easily do more harm than long-term help and change. We aim to have short-term trips with a long-term focus. We partner with a limited number of missionaries around the world, and try to serve and support their long-term work. The goal of any short-term trip is to work under the authority of local church leaders to support the local church. Because of this, every trip varies on length and focus depending on the needs of the missionaries and local church.

At Greenhouse Church our goal through any mission trip is to strengthen the church in reached contexts, and help establish the church in unreached contexts. Our heart is to bring the gospel to all ends of the earth.

Please take time to prayerfully consider short-term trips available at this time. If you would like more information, please contact the trip leader for the specific trip you are interested in.

Mission Trip Opportunities

If you do not see a trip that matches your skill set and interests, we recommend you check out some of the sending organizations listed below.