Global Missions

Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

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We see ordinary people mobilized to go and
make disciples of all nations.

Make Disciples Who

Make Disciples

With Jesus as our example, we make disciples who make disciples. We are a sending church. We weep for the persecuted church, and for the 40% of the world who live without access to the Gospel. We are devoted to planting churches and sending more laborers. We serve the poor, the orphan, the widow, and the foreigner so Jesus can be made known on earth as in heaven.

Join us as we free slaves, serve orphans, enact justice, care for the prisoner, combat educational inequality, and declare the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Where do we give?

Our Partners

We support local and global key mission projects such as providing vehicles and humanitarian aid, welcoming refugees, combating educational inequality, freeing slaves, supporting single mothers and planting churches in the most difficult corners of the world.

Where Do We Go?

Mission Trips

We are aware that short-term trips can easily do more harm than long-term help and change. We aim to have short-term trips with a long-term focus. We partner with a limited number of missionaries around the world, and try to serve and support their long-term work.

How do we give?

Questions about giving

We realize that The Church has been guilty of sending money to places that offer very little kingdom return and we are committed to resist this form of bad stewardshipl. We run every missions request and partnership opportunity through a critical lens to ensure that every dollar we invest has its maximum impact.

Donate To Greenhouse

We are a movement of generosity. We aim to give 50% of all that we spend to missions, justice initiatives, church planting, and the poor. Join us in this generosity adventure.


God had an only Son and He made Him a missionary.

David Livingstone