The Beauties of Loblolly Woods Nature Park in Gainsville, Florida

This beautiful bird-watching spot will hold you captivated with its never-ending amazing views and astoshining wildlife. With 159-acres of the open forest, it is easy to see how someone might get “lost” in all of its beauty. There are plenty of trails and boardwalks, for countless activities, like walking, jogging, or biking, to do by yourself, or with the family! There is a memorizing creek, with crystal clear water that runs along the bank. This creek is Hogtown Creek, the main attraction. Hogtoen Creek is the largest creek in Gainesville, spanning many parks. This nature park is an integral part of over 130 years of history in Gainesville! Beautiful butterflies fluttering from wildflower to wildflower, and frogs calling for a mate can be seen from all over the park! All of this fun also comes at no cost to you! Where are you going to find a better deal than that? There are also bathrooms and parking is available as well.

Bring your Pets to Loblolly Woods

Do not forget to bring your furry four-legged friend as well! Along with leash, although Loblolly Woods Nature Park is pet friendly, you will need to keep your furry friend on a leash at all times. But that does not mean they still won’t have an amazing time enjoying the lushes greenery that engulfs the bottomland. There is no rush to get there before closing either, you have from dusk until dawn to fit this relaxing spot at Loblolly Woods Nature Park, right in your schedule. It is close to the local university, so students can take a nice study break and enjoy some much-needed fresh air. Loblolly Woods Nature Park defiantly needs to be on your list of stops next time you are in Gainesville, as words can not captivate the immense beauty that Loblolly is.

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