July 11 – 18, 2020

Project Leaders:

Wendy Roche & Erik Stephen

Approximate Trip Cost:


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The John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation provides a positive presence within West Jackson offering many opportunities for community sustainability and development. It also serves as a base for reconciliation, justice and community development for ministries around the world. The two core efforts of the foundation are youth mentorship and community development.

The goal of the Perkins Center is to transform lives for Jesus Christ in West Jackson, Mississippi.  The Perkins Center staff have learned from over 57 years in evangelical ministry that passionate, active involvement in the lives of children and families helps to significantly shape and influence communities of need.  They believe that creating a village to surround and uphold families, especially single mothers, provides a more stable environment where children are raised to know they are loved and protected.

By providing volunteers, facilities, and staff support, the Perkins Center is in essence a village family that is able to reach into the vulnerable community of West Jackson and make positive changes in the lives of their neighbors.

The Greenhouse team will spend time learning about Jackson, the Perkins Civil Rights legacy, and Christian community development as well as serving the Jackson community. The team will be helping to support and facilitate a summer camp program ran by The Perkins Foundation and also helping with home repair projects in the Zechariah 8 (Z8) Community Housing Initiative.

The Z8 Community Housing Initiative provides at risk families and individuals with an opportunity to live in stable, quality homes surrounded by others who support them and their development.  The purpose of Z8 is to affirm the dignity of the Jackson community specifically catering to single moms and children.

If you have experience working with children, construction, and community development, please prayerfully consider joining this trip.