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The Hub in Gainesville

9am & 11:15am Online & In-Person.

Service on UF Campus will resume for Summer B / Fall

11200 NW 39th Ave Gainesville, FL 32606

We are a movement of the first love. The first command is our first priority: Love the Lord your God. Our ultimate dream: to pull off a ministry defined by our pursuit after the Lord. So we pray for harvest, innovation, leadership, power encounters, supernatural provision, gifts of the Spirit, creativity, powerful sermons, inspired Bible studies, unity, resources, divine appointments, expanded vision, physical strength, open doors, great management, protection for our people, incredible times of worship. But what we most want is God. To know Him. To be found in Him. As you learn more about us our hope is that you will join us in our pursuit to be a disciple who makes disciples. Let’s change the world together!

Pastor Mike

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If today is your first time visiting us, or you plan to visit us in the near future, please fill out our Connect Card so that we can help get you plugged in.

A look at what

Our Services
Are Like

Each service is typically 80-90 minutes. During our services, we sing, grow together through Bible-based preaching, share announcements, have an offering, and even laugh together; but not always in that order!

What's The Music Like?

We have worship teams that have a style that ranges from gospel, hymns, contemporary, rock, and more. Our worship team represents different cultures and creative expressions, so you can expect anything! Our aim is to please God through these expressions rooted in diversity and unity. Through this, we serve and lead our faith-family to worship God.

What Time are the Services?

We offer many services across multiple days of the week; but they vary depending on location! If you know what location you’ll be attending, you can check that campus page for all of their service times.

Where do I Park?

We saved you a spot! A member of our parking team will help you find a spot to park as you enter our property. Please let them know if you are a senior citizen, have kids, or need special parking.

What Do I Do

Once I'm Inside?

Our many ministries are available to access online, in addition to in person at our various locations.

What Should I Wear?

God welcomes us as we are, but sometimes a person just wants to know what to wear. Formal and informal attire are both acceptable, and we have people who dress in either style. Whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or a suit and tie, you are welcome to worship alongside us.

What If I Have Questions?

Find anyone with a name tag on, or visit the Welcome Table. If you have questions, can’t find something, or would like to meet someone; the Welcome Table is the place to go!


We don’t just need another good church. Or another missional movement. Or another group of natural Christians. What we bring to the table is a God-obsession that translates into a God-pursuit, and then leads us to a radical mission and radical community.

Pastor Mike Patz