GHKids leaders have a divine drive, burden, and passion to do something in ministry with children that matters. That matters… really matters. Something …

  • that lasts more than a week.
  • that transforms the way they see themselves and the world.
  • that persists through trial and loss.
  • that will remain through adolescence and into adulthood.
  • that still lingers and affects them long after they’ve forgotten us.

That is why we want to be focused and intentional about why we do what we do, and how we plan to do it.

Greenhouse Kids exists to help every child become a passionate, life-long follower of Jesus Christ. We win when kids have meaningful interactions during group that influence their faith in Jesus and deepen their relationships with others.

The Core Values of Greenhouse Kids

We are committed to creating experiences and environments that help every child grow in their relationship with God, the church, and the lost and broken world. We do this by focusing on the seeds of our ministry:


We want to love kids well. We want every kid known, loved, noticed, missed, and deeply cared for. Out leaders are not just a part of their Sundays, they are a part of their lives.


We want to engage the imaginations of every child who visits – Christian or not – causing their hearts to be humbled and amazed with the greatness of our God. We are committed to creativity, fun and surprise are techniques that cause kids to “lean in” and connect personally with the Bible.

Extra Mile

Our team is committed to a “whatever it takes to reach them” attitude. This requires a genuine willingness to be innovative, unconventional and “child-like” in our ministry philosophy and programs. It is going above and beyond the weekly commitment of “showing up.”


The Bible is not intended to be informational but transformational. Our desire at Greenhouse Kids is to lead children to love God, love His Word and love His people, and to live heroic lives our of an overflow of that love.


We are committed to protecting our kids through training, awareness, and an uncompromising safety process. We want parents to have peace leaving their children with us.

Become a Leader

Step 1 - Complete Your Background Check
Step 2 - Complete Your Leadership Application
Step 3 - Complete the Online Child Safety Training