Leadership Pipeline

Leadership Pipeline is a 10-week leadership development track specifically designed for those who are looking to become equip and confident as a microchurch leader and disciple maker.

The primary goal of Leadership Pipeline is to help make disciples who are equipped as disciple makers and confident in leading other followers of Jesus in a microchurch setting.  We aim to do this in three ways: through intense spiritual formation, developing their leadership capacities through interactive teaching and learning, and by giving LP participants face time with some of the pastoral staff and leadership pipeline coaches during the 10 weeks of LP.

LP is offered three times a year.  Before participating in LP, you must be recommended to attend by your microchurch leader and also attend the orientation, which happens the week before LP begins.

Interested in Leadership Pipeline?

If you are interested in doing Leadership Pipeline and would like to receive updates about the next orientation email Pastor Matt: mulrich@greenhousechurch.org.

Leadership Pipeline FAQ

How do I know if I should attend LP?
When does leadership pipeline meet?
I have kids. Will there be childcare at LP while we meet?
What do you do at LP?