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We believe in the power of relationships over well-oiled bureaucracy and statements. Sure it is important to read our statements of faith and pursue the website for facts about Greenhouse, but relational connections are what truly bring us together. Our Activate Class allows you to meet some of our pastors, elders, deacons, and Microchurch leaders at a very interactive, round table setting as you hear the heart and passion of our church from those who are living it out. We converse about our church history, beliefs, structure, and most importantly, ways that you fit into our call and pursuit of Jesus and His Kingdom! So come check us out and enjoy some snacks and refreshments while you get to know the leaders and some of the faces of the Greenhouse family.

Activate Class

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Why Green

Hear the mission, vision, and values of the Greenhouse Church. Get a glimpse of who we are and why we're called Greenhouse.

We make disciples

We were designed to be disciples, but what does this actually look like? Learn what it means to be a disciple as you explore more about the microchurch community!

Get activated

Find out more about the various ministries Greenhouse offers, discover your spiritual gifts, and connect with the Greenhouse team and family! Become a member at Greenhouse Church!

They walk with us in the valley, while fighting for us in the prayer room, and are there to celebrate with us on the mountaintops, all while praising Jesus our source. These are our people. Wayne & Ingrid Carney