Greenhouse DNA

Hear the story, vision, and mission of the Greenhouse Church. Get a glimpse of who we are and what really drives us as a church.


Discover and understand how your personal and spiritual makeup and gifts reveal how you are wired and how God wants to use you.


Learn what living in the green is all about and how we orient our church and our lives around the idea of discipleship

Join the Team

Find out more about the serving opportunities and ways to connect with the Greenhouse team and family!


Campus Time Room Frequency Contact
The Hub 1:15 pm –
2:15 pm
Youth Lobby Weekly Admin
Lincoln 12:30 pm –
1:30 pm
Gym Weekly Mel Galvis
University 9:15 pm –
10:15 pm
Friends of Music Room Weekly Joel Romelus
South Florida 9:30 am – 10:30  Teacher’s Lounge  Weekly Jon Lash