Planting a Church?

Want to be a part of the movement?

We treat the way a church becomes part of the Greenhouse Movement the same way we would as if we were hiring someone on staff. We value and look for character, chemistry, and competency (in that order) and have the following process in place:


Residency: An Immersion in Culture

After the initial interview and assessment, we will invite potential church planters to join us in Gainesville, FL (the Hub of the Greenhouse Movement) for a 9-12 month residency.  Here, you will be immersed in our culture and trained by our Greenhouse Movement staff in regards to microchurches, house churches, and macrochurches (traditional weekend gatherings).  You will have a hand in our weekend macrochurch gatherings, in our microchurches, and will be given leadership responsibility.  There will also be in-depth discipleship to help you master our leadership fluencies before being sent out.

Why 9 months in Gainesville?

Doesn’t that seem like a lot to ask to move you and your family here for that period of time?  The short answer is yes, it is a lot of time and a huge commitment.  We understand that only a handful of people will take us up on this, but this is more than just boasting about how many church planters we have sent out.  It is about ensuring you are absolutely prepared to church plant.  That you are greater on the inside than you are on the outside.  That success doesn’t change who you are or your radical focus on Jesus.  Our vision for church planters is more than just mere provision; it’s about transformation. And we firmly believe that doesn’t happen through reading books, classroom settings, or conference style gatherings every now and then.  It only happens when there is life on life discipleship and community… And we are inviting you into our community for that reason.  We don’t pretend to have it all together but we are committed to a fierce God-seeking culture where we believe that if we are constantly in the presence of Jesus, there is nothing else that can happen but true transformation that will prepare you like nothing else can.

There will also be any outside church planting training offered that we feel would benefit you during your residency and help to better equip you as a planter.