There are many ways to describe church. The people of God. Two or more gathered in His name. The Bride of Christ. The Body. Yet our ecclesial minimum, and our discipleship approach is worship, mission, and community.

The Elements


It’s vital to get the order right. Worship is first. Disciples love God passionately, radically, holistically, and they love people with all of their lives.


Once we’ve connected with God, we can’t help but get his heart – and God loves people. Out of our love for God stems an unavoidable passion for God’s mission to go reach others.


Once you’ve connected with God and once you’ve gotten on mission, you can’t help but begin to live in community. Community isn’t something you find by looking for it, it’s the result of looking for God and experiencing mission with other people.

Living in the Green

Disciples are people who are living in worship, mission, and community. They’re people who live in the green. Only God can make things grow, but we try to provide an environment where he can work his wonders.