There are a ton of great networks out there, so what is unique about the Greenhouse Movement?

What would joining the Greenhouse Movement do for you?


We believe that who you are and the cultural environment you create dictates what you produce.  Discipleship is caught, not taught which is why culture is critical to us.  We have a high value on cultural leadership and defend this at all costs.  The Greenhouse Movement brings unique leadership, ministry, and team dynamics to the table that we feel are very Biblical and very effective.  Through the continuing relationship with partners in the Greenhouse Movement, you will become fluent in the cultural leadership that we feel is paramount for ministry success.


We want to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry and allow people to live up to their full leadership and disciple-making potential.  Unfortunately, the church planting culture in the United States has stifled a lot of church planters and disciple-makers from reaching and embracing their potential because if someone does not have a massive launch on day 1 or a megachurch within 5 years, this is considered a failure… and we disagree.

We do not believe that brick and mortar buildings or a collection of religious people make up a thriving church.  Jesus wasn’t looking for crowds; He was looking for disciples.  We aren’t looking for a mere populous of attenders; we want a movement of world changers, and this does not always fit the mold of a Sunday gathering.  It is not that we are against Sunday gatherings or think they are a bad thing. (The majority of churches in the Greenhouse Movement do weekend gatherings!)  We just recognize that Sunday gatherings are not the only thing, which is why we have multiple planting strategies.

We are looking for people who have a heart to worship, be on mission, and in community and are willing to multiply this model by making other disciple makers (who will then go make other disciple makers).  We take a both/and approach to this and are looking to train others in this approach as well.  From microchurches, to house churches, to traditional Sunday morning gatherings, we are willing to step inside or outside the box and do whatever it takes to help you make disciples.  We will also train you to be fluent in the art of assessing the contextual clues to help you make a Spirit-led decision of how to plant in your area.

You will be trained and equipped to understand and be able to execute both traditional and nontraditional planting strategies in any context around the world.


We believe that when people are exposed to other God-seekers, to other apostolic and entrepreneurial minds, to best practices, and are communicating with those who are also in the trenches regularly, they are better for it. The larger the shared pool of resources, abilities, and experiences, the smarter the decisions become. Collaboration is a big deal to us because we want to be exposed to the best of the best, to sharpen one another and to grow together through regular interactions. And this is one of the major benefits of becoming part of the Greenhouse Movement. Through regular gatherings in person and ongoing relational connections, collaboration is a cornerstone of success for all planters and pastors involved.

Covering & Relational Connections

A big aspect of partnering with a network is the spiritual covering that it brings and the relationships that are created.  GHM is not a network for simply funding and releasing church planters: it is a relational movement that functions more like a family than a business.  One of our biggest assets are the relationships that we build and the familial bonds that are created working alongside each other in ministry.  The synergy and relational accountability that comes from like-minded planters and pastors is invaluable and something that a lot of new planters and even seasoned pastors are missing.  Pastors needs other pastors pushing them to go deeper with the Lord, asking them hard accountability questions, and being there when they need them.  Within the Greenhouse Movement, one of our major goals is not just healthy churches on the outside, but healthy leaders on the inside.


The beauty of microchurch and house church planting is that the overhead is absolutely minimal, so specific planting strategies within the GHM are not tied up in finances.  We do understand, however, that macrochurch (Sunday gathering) plants do require funding, which is why we are strategically partnered with other networks who can help match funds and support new plants financially.  All Greenhouse Movement churches also invest in other church plants, which allows us to help fund and support new plants that are happening.  As the Movement grows, so does the opportunity for funding.  We are excited and honored to be a part of church planting, including funding young planters to help actualize their dream of seeing the Kingdom come through new works!

Unity and Collaboration

We are a movement of churches and disciples.  Intrinsically in that mix are relationships among like-minded believers.  We feel strongly about Paul’s call to maintain the unity of the Spirit, which is why we don’t fool ourselves into thinking that Greenhouse is better than any denomination or church-planting network.  We want Jesus lifted up.  We want people looking to Him, not to us.  We want churches planted, souls saved, and disciples made even if it has nothing to do with Greenhouse being involved or getting credit.

We are not special… but we are unique.

The style of planting, our spiritual DNA, and the fluencies we hold dear are what make us who we are.  Yes, we are part of the Body of Christ, but we are our own tribe.  Just like Israel had twelve individual tribes that comprised the greater Israelite body, Greenhouse is its own tribe within the body of Christ.

“As it was in the Old Testament and still is today, no tribe was/is better or greater than any other: each served its own tribal purpose uniquely. So in order to fulfill our God-given call to go to the ends of the earth with the Gospel, we are looking for like-minded church planters to join us in that pursuit.

The Greenhouse Movement is not a hierarchical structure where the churches serve the movement. We want to be a part of equipping the saints, planters, and pastors, to do the work of ministry that God has called them to do.  GHM is a collaborative effort where sharpening, shared best-practices, and God-seeking that happens relationally and happens often.  We want Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs, self-starters, and wild God-seekers to bring their ideas to the collective GHM body to encourage and equip others.

The goal is that all of us are better off than when we came in because of the shared pursuit of Jesus and making Him known.

GHM Intangibles

There are specific priorities within our movement and church bodies that touch on areas outside of our fluencies that we also highly value.

Work Hard, Play Hard

If you are “all business”, this is not the place for you.  While we maintain a high value on excellence, discipline, and a strong work ethic, we also don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We work hard, but we play hard.  We laugh a lot.  We play ridiculous games together.  We ensure joy is a radical part of what we do and want everyone to take part.  Ministry is tough, and we ensure that is stays fun even while we remain focused on the ministry tasks at hand.

Authentic Community With Your Ministry Staff/Team

We work with family.  We may not be blood-related, but we refuse to work with strangers.  We refuse the natural tendency to silo oneself in his/her own compartment of the church staff and never communicate with others.  We strive to actually like, enjoy, and be friends with those we work with.

Equipping the Saints Through Our Structure

If you want to be “the guy” who everyone looks up to and has all the power and authority, please, save us all the time and go somewhere else.  We want to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry and believe that people will be more committed, more passionate, and more faithful to a vision if their voice is heard and they are empowered to do what they feel like the Lord is calling them to do.  This takes a secure and strong leader who isn’t afraid to see others succeed… even more than they do sometimes.  This is our call: not to be in the spotlight, but to get others into spotlights where they are fully alive in the calling that the Lord has given them.

Apest Priority

We really do believe the church functions best when apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, and shepherds are moving in their gifts.  The local body needs to be a collaborative Kingdom effort where all of these callings are represented in order to be functioning at an optimal level.  We set a priority not only on the recognition of these gifts but also the foresight of the leader to ensure they are all activated and functioning as they should within the local body.


We have a high value on excellence in communication.  We feel like DNA and fluency are paramount and need to be communicated clearly and correctly.  Preaching is also an extremely high value along with the proper God-seeking and preparation that is needed to preach with unction, authority, and clarity.

Ready to Join the Movement?