2021 annual report


Dear Church Family,

This September I will complete my 30th year on our church staff. I still can’t believe the risk you took when you hired me as a college kid. Words cannot express the honor and joy it is to serve Jesus with this faith family. This is where God rescued me. This is where I was discipled. This is where I answered the call to ministry. This is where the discipleship vision was birthed. This is where I found my bride. This is where we multiplied into a family. And this is where I first started to dream about revival. 30 years later, the conviction is only growing stronger: we are supposed to be a part of a great awakening.

To be sure, the last few years have been distracting, discouraging, and even deadly. Most of us have never endured a more challenging season. World events have forever changed the landscape of ministry, and if we are honest, revealed blind spots within the church. That includes us. That includes me. And yet, I sense that the Great Gardener is pruning His vine; the Good Shepherd is leading His flock; the Bridegroom is preparing His bride for the greatest outpouring of His Spirit that we have ever known. Please agree with me in this prayer: Lord, we submit to Your wise leadership, and we trust Your great purposes.

Despite a pandemic and world events that have often felt like chaos, 2021 was a year of kingdom fruit. The mission is helping ordinary people become passionate followers of Jesus. We have discovered that absolutely nothing is strong enough to stop God’s plans from moving forward. By God’s grace, in 2021 we found ways to plant microchuches, grow the Greenhouse School of Ministry, celebrate scores of baptisms, grow our youth and kids ministries, expand our seniors outreach, get back on UF campus, gain momentum with foster and adoption, launch innovative family experiences at the Hub, hold explosive Breakthrough weekends, penetrate vulnerable communities around our city, grow our prayer initiatives, and by the end of December – send more missions support than we ever have before.

Thank you. Thank you for loving and serving and growing and giving and believing.

Financially, we try to steward our resources in ways that make sense in the light of eternity. We ask for both wisdom and revelation in our decision-making for the upcoming year. That means we work from a budget established by the deacon board you elect. That financial team keeps close watch on our expense trends every month. We also hire an outside firm to perform an audit, to ensure accountability for every financial transaction we make. I report that to let you know how seriously we take the trust that you place in our leadership. I am so grateful to report that God has blessed, provided, and prospered the work of our hands and the stewardship of our resources. There is no way around it: when we seek Him first, He opens the windows of heaven. Our church has been a case study in the miraculous and faithful hand of God.

As we look ahead, I pray for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done from Gainesville all the way through our movement. As of the first week of the new year, we have officially launched Greenhouse Jacksonville. Greenhouse South Florida is thriving. Greenhouse Orlando is making disciples. Greenhouse Tampa is rising. I’m praying for 50 more people willing to be sent out from our various churches to plant disciples around the state. Locally, I’m believing for 1000 first-time guests on Easter Sunday, dozens of new microchurches, growth in our School of Ministry, hundreds of baptisms, and multiplied disciple-makers.

If you are already part of this faith family, use this report as an occasion for gratitude and faith. If you’re still on the outside looking in, I dare you to dive in and join us.

Church family, I love you with all my heart.











These pages are not just for ACCOUNTABILITY, but they are a celebration of
how mission dollars & efforts were FAITHFULLY stewarded this past year.

Your radical giving has CHANGED LIVES & brought freedom
to thousands of people in our city and world.

In 2021, justice was done. Local educational inequities were combatted, displaced refugees were helped, prisoners were restored, missionaries were sent, widows and shut-ins were cared for, multiple families welcomed vulnerable children through foster and adoption care, and churches were planted in places the gospel had never gone before. Together, we continued to respond to the challenges of Covid-19 by supporting educators, frontline workers, and healthcare professionals in our community and around the world.

This past fall, you came together to give a record breaking $700,000 to Missionary Sam and Life For The Innocent! Your giving changed the lives of hundreds of children trapped in modern day slavery. Thank you for your joyful and radical generosity.

Through the power of Jesus and the generosity of our church body, statistics are changing and lives are being transformed. God will be glorified in every people group and then He will come again. May it be for this joy, and for His glory that we continue to give and labor to make disciples near, far, and to the ends of the earth.



The Generosity Adventure. This was the theme of a sermon series in 2016. God does wonders through our giving as we trust Him. It truly is an adventure. As we continue to prioritize the vision of giving away 50% of what we spend each year, God continues to provide. Greenhouse, thank you for your faithfulness in giving to God here at our church. Your giving made a difference in our church, in our city, in our state and in the nations in 2021. Thank you!


And Justice

Homeless Ministries

  • Greenhouse worked with Grace Marketplace and other community partners to coordinate 300 resource bags dispersed throughout our city to support the homeless community


  • Greenhouse partnered with SOCK Homeless Ministry to provide weekly meals and resources every week to those in need in the downtown area.


Thailand Virtual Trip
In Spring 2021 we launched our first multi-week church wide first church-wide virtual trip, as we visited Thailand and the Buddhist world! Our trip opened up the door for more members of Greenhouse to experience the global mission field without having to navigate the hurdles of time off, plane ticket costs, child care arrangements, school assignments, health concerns, etc. The trip was a success and we are excited to provide more virtual missions opportunities in the future.

This Spring we led our first multi-week Business as Mission seminar. We had 30 students sign up to learn more about combining their education and career aspirations with their passion for global missions. Our students attended workshops led by business leaders and professionals representing 6 different industries across the globe.

Neighborhood outreach


  • On average, six students participated in our Pineridge tutoring program in 2021. Three new students joined the program this past fall!.

Kids Church

  • We continued weekly Kids Church in Pineridge with an average attendance of 15 kids each week! We saw more parents connected and helping with Kids Church than any other year.

Greenhouse Quad Residents

  • Over twenty families were connected with regularly, invited to church and prayed with by outreach residents living the Greenhouse Quad in Pineridge this year.
  • Our volunteers mobilized more than 370 of our congregants to raise their voice in support of residents facing housing displacement.

Middle School Cohort

  • Our new Pineridge Middle School Cohort met for discipleship and mentorship throughout the year. Six of these middle schoolers have started regularly attending Greenhouse Youth. Four new middle schoolers joined this cohort after “graduating” from Kids Church.

holly heights

  • This fall the Holly Heights team took their first field trip together! Trips like these are key to strengthening relationships with families through meaningful time spent together.
  • Jennifer Godshalk stepped in as the new leader for the Holly Heights team and continues to lead weekly outreach initiatives to kids and families in the community.

school partnerships

  • Throughout 2021, a little over 30 mentors and tutors invested in elementary, middle, and high school students through our local school partnership programs.
  • Our after-school tutoring program in Carver Gardens supplemented virtual academic sessions with fun and educational field trips, outdoor reading days, and other enrichment activities.
  • We were blown away by God’s provision and our church’s generosity with our annual backpack drive. There were over 100 backpacks donated for the 2021-2002 school year. This support increased from the previous year making it the largest backpack drive to date.

national mission trip

Greenhouse has established a long-term partnership with the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation for the past five years. It is our desire as a church to continue growing in our knowledge and understanding of biblical justice and reconciliation while committing to seeing communities flourish and individuals restored as a whole.

In the summer of 2021, our first in-person mission trip since the onset of the pandemic was to Jackson, Mississippi working with the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation where our team was involved in different community justice initiatives, assisted with Summer Arts Camp, participated in historical Civil Rights tours, and joined Dr. John Perkins in Bible studies throughout the week. We deeply value our partnership with the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation and are grateful for the deposit into our faith family each passing year.

foster care
& Adoption ministry

In 2021, GH’s Foster Care and Adoption ministry (FAM), had a joyous year of discovering and establishing care for the families in our church who are fostering and/or have adopted. We were able to train 4 couples to function as Family Advocates, who then helped to provide wrap around care for 11 foster and adoptive families. These family advocates, along with the ministry director, helped to mobilize over 15 volunteers who served in various capacities to provide meals, emotional support, babysitting, yard work, pet sitting, financial support and lots of prayer and love!


  • November 2020 we were serving 5 families and we are closing out 2021 providing various levels of support to 11 families.
  • 5 adoptions within our church community
  • 4 new families began the process to become foster families


In 2021, the Senior’s Ministry here at Greenhouse flourished. Oasis returned in person after being online for some time. During the month of September, Greenhouse had our first ever Senior’s Day. Each church service was designed to encompass the strengths and importance of each senior adult represented in our church. This was the first time we officially announced our global financial partnership with an organization that reaches vulnerable, homeless seniors in Thailand.

Other achievements from last year include: Greenhouse seniors attend our virtual missions trip to Thailand, creating a small care team of volunteers to help senior widows and seniors with everyday tasks, and hosting two Widow Banquests to radically love and honor those most precious to us. We desire to be a church that honors and celebrates our seniors locally & globally. Last year we caught the heart of the Father to strengthen, equip & send out our Seniors from Gainesville to the nations.

What a wonderful opportunity to take a virtual mission trip and to meet missionaries living in Thailand. We learned how dark the Buddhist religion is – ingrained in their culture, creating a challenge for creative Spiritual Warfare venues with locals and how it has become westernized to appeal to our country. I feel more equipped to share with my neighbors who practice buddhism. I hope to share the Gospel with them in the near future.



Senior Missions

In 2021 we did not let up our efforts to missionally serve the most vulnerable in our city. Parklands Nursing Home is one of our long term partners and we were able to bless them this past Christmas with gifts for all 130 residents who live there. God opened doors for us to launch a house church right in the heart of Parklands to reach the residents with the Gospel. We have seen upwards of 40 guests come to worship, hear the word and receive prayer.



The uncertainty of 2021 did nothing but help solidify the necessity of microchurches. Having community to worship with, dig deep with relationally, and pursue mission together, anchored many of us to each other and to the Lord during another trying year. We truly believe that there is nothing that discipleship cannot solve, and microchurches continued to be the vehicle that facilitates that disciple-making reality within our movement.

This year, 39 new microchurches launched and allowed for more people to experience the type of green living that we aspire to see! Souls were saved, baptisms took place, needs were met within and by microchurch communities, and disciple-making relationships were forged.

2021 also brought about the first in-person Discipleship Training, our freshly revamped training for disciple-makers and microchurch leaders. Dozens of new disciple-makers completed Discipleship Training, many of which have already launched new microchurches and discipleship groups. We are thankful for the work the Lord has done in our microchurch communities and look forward to an increase in this upcoming year!


Jesus made the decision to call those individuals who had been walking with him for three years friends. Sure, they were still disciples. In fact, their discipleship was about to get ramped up to a whole other level, but Jesus isn’t just interested in broadening his influence in his followers’ lives. He’s equally (and arguably even more) passionate about deeply bonding with friends he dearly loves. We believe our multi-generational microchurch is living out this truth. We come from a variety of backgrounds; our stories span the globe from the DRC to Guatemala, Mexico to Thailand. What does that friendship amongst such a diverse group of people ranging from newborn to empty nester look like? We seek to radically and intentionally live each day with one another. Practically speaking, it means we share resources like cars, books, food, chainsaws, expertise, our homes, and within our fast and furious American culture, perhaps most importantly, our time. We send one another notes and texts of encouragement and pray daily for each other. We coach little league teams together and help one another fix appliances and vehicles that break down. We practice our Spanish together and care for the orphans (fostering) and widows (single moms). We invite one another into book and Bible studies and ask each other for prayers. We fast as well as share meals together. We let one another know when we cannot make a meeting and why. We light up when we see one another and teach each others’ children. We remember birthdays and celebrate the feasts of the Lord and seasons of the Church. We also struggle together, confessing sins and vices to one another, repenting and helping each other turn from repetitive unhealthy behaviors. Sometimes we have to accept hard counsel, but we know that it comes from a place of deep affection. We strive to believe the least dangerous assumption about one another, and championing the gifts each of us brings to our community is a priority. We do these things because we’re friends and we love each other—like, really love each other. And, finally, we desire for others to taste and see the goodness and joy that can come from such a friendship, and so we invite others who don’t know of this type of friendship to come and join us in the hope that they, too, will discover the source of our connection for themselves—the sweet, eternal friendship of the King of the universe!


2021 was a year of opportunity in Greenhouse Kids! As a ministry, we learned the value of discipleship and how to partner with families in doing so. We introduced bi-monthly family services for children and families to come together to worship, learn, and apply principles of discipleship. Our kids were able to watch their families and leaders serve and were then driven to serve as well! As we worshiped and sang songs, children searched for ways to become a part. This led to the creation of our Greenhouse Kids dance team. Children were eager to use their talents to help lead others into the Lord’s presence. If you’ve ever attended a family service, you’ve seen their little faces on stage and what a joy they are!

Our Greenhouse Kids Ministry was also busy creating its very own curriculum. In partnership with the church, we felt led to create a more cohesive method of teaching. As adults followed along with the sermon series in our main church service, children in Greenhouse Kids were able to as well. With guidance from the Lord, we were able to write our own curriculum that not only followed what our pastors were preaching but explained it in a way that our children could grasp and apply. Our Greenhouse Kids Ministry also did its best to foster community amongst its families! We hosted three big festivals that allowed our families to bond with one another. In June, a Father’s Day celebration, in July, Splash Sunday, and October, Harvest Fest! Our Father’s Day event was a celebration indeed! Our families enjoyed an afternoon of ax throwing, bounce houses, food, and golf! Splash Sunday was a day of fun in the sun! After service, families were able to enjoy an afternoon of food, slip n slides, dunk tanks, and water balloons before kids returned to school the following weeks. Our October event, Harvest Fest, was a sure way to gather around for some fall fun! Families enjoyed hayrides, pumpkin painting, trunk or treat and a cozy bonfire! As a ministry, we are eager to make more little disciples in the year 2022.

Kids Baptized
Baby Dedications

You can never really tell if a child understands something you’ve taught them, until they do something that shows you that they did. During our “Silent Villains” series, Greenhouse Kid’s modified version of the Silent Killers series, one of our kids shared his understanding with one of our leaders. He came into service and was having a really hard time. Nothing seemed to help. He was antsy, disruptive, and really upset. When the leader took him out into the lobby he shared that his morning felt hard! He said “I’m fighting a few silent villains today. I know they’ve been hiding inside. They’re the villains Anger and Anxiety.” After some time, the two talked about why he felt those villains. He said, my body feels hot, my heart is racing, so I know it’s one of the villains. I remember we said we’re supposed to pray to feel better, so that I don’t sin, so let’s pray. Without the leader’s prompting, he was able to navigate what he was feeling and pray for God to help him through it. It showed his understanding of the many messages he’d heard. After talking about Anger, he said “I’m also feeling like Anxiety is here, too.” Can we pray for that, too? They prayed and instantly his mood changed! He had so much joy and went to his small group without a problem!

greenhouse kids team



2021 was a year met with unprecedented growth and wins! Our ministry saw lives changed through community, worship and the power of God. We saw these moments occur in various ways. We started a middle school ministry that serves 50 middle schoolers every Sunday and allows them to connect with the word in a unique way. In addition, our student leadership team grew to about 20 high schoolers consistently serving every Wednesday and Sunday, they led small groups, shared on stage and were a powerful example of what it means to be a follower of Christ to their peers. This example led all the way into our Kairos weekend where we saw 152 students radically worship the Lord and seek him.

Green crews, our expression of a microchurch, have also grown exponentially. Many of our students have credited these groups as their only community and as a chance to be around believers. Finally, we had the privilege of seeing 23 students get baptized. These students made the decision to go all in with Christ, they publicly declared that they had been saved and shifted their lives as a result. We are humbled to have been in the midst of the Lord’s work this past year. This coming year our prayer is to rewrite the narrative that has been spoken over this generation. We are hoping to see one that seeks after the Lord fervently, one that believes in the chain-breaking, life-changing power of God.

We are boldly declaring that we will see a movement of ordinary teenagers who are passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Growth in 2021
Student Leaders Leading
Middle School Services

Last summer Greenhouse Youth helped with a confirmation when it comes to gifts. For years it’s been prophesied, or just told to me even before I spoke that speaking was a gift of mine. From church conferences back home, to my 7th grade leader Manny, to Ben Patz telling me, and even kids at youth, up to now. I’ve always been told, but Greenhouse Youth helped me put the words into action. It was in Youth I had the opportunity to speak for the first time. This community has definitely opened me up to the possibilities of ministry in the near future. I’ve always had that nudge inside me that Ministry was a possibility. After being told by others to look for internal & external signs, I was able to find them at Greenhouse Youth. I love where I’m at, and I feel like I’ve found home.


2021 Greenhouse College saw great fruit. We had college students coming out of the greatest time of isolation and moving into the community that God wanted for them all along. Our vision has been to help make ordinary college students passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

This year, we took 100 students to Laguna Beach for our first ever college retreat. It was a great time to get away, connect, and pour into their lives. The vision for the WKND was all about helping college students leverage their college years for what matters most – the fame and glory of Jesus. What we saw coming out of the WKND were relationships that outlasted just 3 days and instead launched lifelong friendships.

After being away from the UA for more than a year we had our official homecoming on August 22nd, 2021! It has been the prayer of our staff over the course of a year to relaunch our ministry on the UF campus to meet students where they are at. One of our visions is that during the course of 4 years every student that attends UF will hear the Gospel.

Average Weekly Attendance
Active College Microchurches
Students Serving On
Our College Team

My freshman college experience was amazing because of Greenhouse College. I quickly found the best community of people that makes Gainesville feel like home, and it made transitioning to college life so much easier. A strong community that loves God was essential for growing my personal relationship with Him.

Summer Internship

The Summer Internship is a 6-week intensive discipleship experience prioritizing scripture memory, evangelism, God-seeking, and fellowship. This year we had a class of 21 students who were taught how to live, learn and reproduce what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. During the internship students served in local community outreaches, and led microchurches with over 50 college students involved weekly.

Students beginning classes during the summer are hungry for community, and Summer Nights allowed us to connect with these incoming students. We were able to not only connect and build relationships, but also build up and commission new leaders within Greenhouse College to find, fight for, and feed the lost.



Of Prayer

Greenhouse Church is a house of prayer committed to growing and sustaining a community of passionate disciples dedicated to corporate God-seeking. This serves as a home base of operations, outreach and missions. Our desire is to set apart a place where we can host the presence of the Lord through the combination of prayer and worship. Unceasing ministry to the Lord serves as the centerpiece for all we do and serves as the platform for unity, spiritual authority and diversity in all activities.

Jesus said, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called
a house of prayer…’


Greenhouse Church House of Prayer is a very special anointed place of healing. To me, it’s by far the closest thing to stepping into Heaven and being one with angels. Whenever I try to describe the experience to anyone, I can’t even begin to come close to doing it justice. It’s something everyone needs to personally experience as words cannot describe how powerful, healing, anointed and glorious it truly is.

hours of prayer



2021 was a year of creating and sending out for Greenhouse Worship across multiple campuses. Our South Florida Campus released our first worship album in over a decade with the release of SFL, Vol. 1, featuring Ajileth Lee, CeCe Mahfood, Jamie Jacob, and Keyla Colley, from our Greenhouse South Florida worship team. They also released the single, “Attention”, in April, featuring Jamie Jacob, written out of their 10 Days of Prayer and Fasting.

During 2021, our HUB team finished the recording and production of two projects which will be released this year. First, we completed production on our second instrumental EP in three years, “Heaven on Earth” in the fall of 2021, which released on streaming platforms everywhere on January 7th of this year in conjunction with our 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer. The project features compositions from three of our Greenhouse Worship team, Steve Adams, Jeff Schultz, and Alejandro Roman. We also completed production on our single, “Midnight Hour” which will be released later this spring and features Sally McConn. The song was written out of our Esther series during the fall of 2020.

Our NextGen Worship team also got in on the action, recording our first ever LIVE single, “All I Am (Desperate Cry)” at the University Auditorium on December 5, 2021. The song features Kailyn Bowie and was released on streaming platforms on February 4th of this year, along with a live music video on YouTube.

All of our Greenhouse Worship releases, including “The Offering (Esther Song)”, featuring Dani Lane, and the “Awe and Wonder” instrumental EP can be found on music streaming platforms everywhere.

We’re so excited for the support from our church family as we continue to write, record, & release songs from the heart of our church for the glory of Jesus.

Greenhouse Tech

Our Technical and Production ministries had a great year in 2021 coming out of the pandemic as we worked on new ways to improve our current systems and work towards the best ways to use technology to facilitate engaging worship settings where people can experience God. We’re so grateful for an incredible volunteer team of technicians who help us run services through cameras, lighting, sound, graphics, and more, in order to help provide an excellent, God-honoring atmosphere for worship and hearing God’s word. We’re so grateful for all that God has allowed us to learn this year as we served our Church congregation, and we are looking forward to implementing new upgrades as we improve our equipment and teach many new volunteers how they can be a part!

Volunteer Increase
Volunteer Hours Served

This past year was a pivotal one for the
Greenhouse School of Ministry.

This past year was a pivotal one for the Greenhouse School of Ministry. After launching a new hybrid structure in 2020, we graduated 67 students in Spring 2021 from 4 different countries, 3 states and 6 cities in Florida. For the first time, our discipleship training was accessible to any person on any schedule, in any place around the world. Our student demographics ranged from full-time business professionals to college students to retirees – all with the desire to invest in their spiritual development. During our spring ceremony, we also celebrated our Spring 2020 graduates, who did not have an in-person graduation ceremony due to COVID-19.

In the fall, a new class of 65 students began from 3 countries and 10 different cities in Florida. Currently, there are 13 cohorts of students investing 6-8 hours of training a week to become better disciples and disciple makers.

Graduated in spring 2021
Enrolled in fall 2021
Age Range for Our Students

Before starting this program, I really had a desire to discipline myself and grow in my faith. Now that it’s over, I understand more about God’s character. Everything from the connections I’ve made in my cohort to the way the classes build off one another has brought me into a deeper understanding of who God is. It’s been an amazing experience. You can’t spend 9 months of your life investing in your spiritual development and not be changed.

Class of 2021

We watched God move in some powerful ways through those who attended Breakthrough this year.

There were multiple times where we heard testimonies of how the Lord answered prayer, changed lives, and many experienced freedom or were filled with the Holy Spirit. These retreats continue to inspire participants and servers to experience the presence of the Lord.

Breakthrough Weekend starts on Friday night and concludes on Sunday morning. Our new approach to having participants return home each night proved successful.

We are anticipating these retreats to continue to strengthen those who attend and give more opportunity for the Lord to touch people in a special way.

April 2021


November 2021


Church Online

Church online has become a consistent part of the Sunday Experience for many. While the number of people that returned to in person services this year has increased since 2020, there are still those that choose to watch our services in their homes. More people are finding our live stream and post service YouTube content. As we move forward we see a need to continue to grow our Church Online platform and transition into a Virtual Campus with many of the same resources that we provide in person. This year, we will hire a Digital Engagement Director that will help us to engage our online community that are joining each week throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

Top Countries


Average Sunday

Top States



The Greenhouse Movement had an exciting year in 2021! Our Tampa church continued to expand under the leadership of Christine and Kelly Sepulveda who moved from South FL in 2020 and saw great fruit in their Sunday gatherings as well as two microchurches that launched in the area.

We officially started our plans for Jacksonville when Zach and Kelly Hornsby joined our team as church planters, immersing in our Greenhouse Staff for just under a year before moving to Jacksonville to launch. Our Orlando team moved to House Churches in 2020 with Pastor Troy and Heather Dinsdale when large gatherings stopped in 2020, and has continued to meet this way, gathering together in homes to worship Jesus and grow together. Pastor Jon and Nancy Lash continue to lead our amazing South Florida church and saw strong discipleship coming out of 2020. Greenhouse in South Florida has pioneered a green discipleship movement in Guyana.

And of course, here in Gainesville Byron Williams came on board as our Hub director and has been doing an incredible job leading Sundays here in Gainesville, re-launching our new members class, guiding our and starting many new family events alongside our Kids team. We’re so thankful for all God is doing in these Greenhouse cities and are eagerly anticipating more moves of His spirit across the state of Florida in 2022.


Greenhouse Jacksonville began taking steps from dream to reality in 2021. For a few years, a group of disciples, led by Kendal and Jesse Hutto, faithfully gathered and laid a foundation for the Lord to build his church in that city. In the Spring of this year, we hired Zach and Kelly Hornsby to plant another Greenhouse Church in Florida. During their first visit to Jacksonville, it was evident that this was the place for them. Since July, Zach and Kelly split their time between Gainesville for training and Jacksonville for meeting and gathering pockets of new and existing disciples. In November, a first gathering of interested people included fifty people from around the city. Zach and Kelly moved to Jacksonville full-time in December of 2021 and are beginning with the discipleship and microchurch movement from January until the fall, when a macro expression will launch in September.

Greenhouse Jacksonville is already witnessing many of the pillars of the Greenhouse DNA and their team is expectant that our first year will be a year of radical discipleship across the city. We believe we will see inroads to lasting ministry opportunities and an opportunity to see the city of Jacksonville saturated with passionate followers of Jesus.


Greenhouse Orlando continued to pursue the call we feel God led us to, which is a movement of house churches across Orlando! Although every-thing is scaled down significantly with house churches, we still saw a few people give their lives to Jesus, get baptized, and begin walking their faith out. We’ll continue to pursue this call in 2022 & are excited for where God will take us as we aim to saturate the Orlando area with Disciples.

South Florida

This year, we felt God call us to focus our efforts on discipleship and multiplication, and we saw these words come to fruition right before our eyes! New servant leaders were identified, discipled, raised up and released to be disciples who make disciples, launching new microchurches and ministries both here in South Florida and Guyana!

As a church, we celebrated our 7 year anniversary since launching at Western High, as well as our “homecoming” back to Western after being unable to meet there for almost 14 months due to the pandemic. We wept together as we collectively experienced the sorrow and loss of this season, and also watched with joy as God brought “beauty from ashes”, using the trials of this season to bring many to faith in Jesus. It has been a season like no other, and in the midst of the continued uncertainty, we are certain of this – God is faithful, and we can’t wait to see what He has in store for 2022 and beyond!


2021 was a year filled with joy, wonder, foundation building and sustainable growth. We began the year with an answered prayer in the middle of our annual fast by getting a full time space at The Underground theater in the University Mall with 40 adults and 12 children in attendance! We were able to host our very first Easter Service in our new space which was a very special treat. We also had the opportunity to implement Discipleship Training that led to the birth of two microchurches!

With the pandemic easing up during pockets of 2021 it brought more opportunities to visit the hub in Gainesville for continued discipleship and training. We were able to send up servers and participants alike to both of the 2021 Breakthrough Weekend’s where we celebrated re-dedications to Jesus, wholeness, physical healings, and even baptisms. During our annual Greenhouse Leadership Conference we had 27 leaders attend who were equipped and empowered by it to continue their ministry of making disciples here in Tampa. Missional giving also began in 2021 with both local and global mission partners. We partnered with Life for the Innocent, Made for More, Missionaries serving unreached people groups, Chi Alpha USF, Cleveland Elementary, Created Tampa, and TakeHeart.

We wrapped up 2021 by celebrating with a Thanksgiving potluck and a Christmas service where we had 68 adults and 15 children in attendance. We are grateful for all that Jesus did in 2021 and look forward to all that is ahead in 2022. We are currently praying for a full time pastor, multiplication of current microchurches, new levels of radical giving, and the making of disciples who make disciples in the Tampa Bay area!

Leadership Conference

What an incredible year it was for our Annual Greenhouse Leadership Conference! We had 436 people from all over Florida and beyond come together in Gainesville to seek God, grow in leadership and disciple making, and learn ways to pursue their individual callings. Special guests Nona Jones, the Dream Stream, and Missionary Sam joined in alongside our gifted staff presenters to give their expertise on various topics from missions and justice to making disciples at work, emotional health, discipling children, and so much more.

We were so thankful for the opportunity to meet together again for this special event and are excited to see what’s in store this coming year, knowing that what we learned at GLC will help us move forward on God’s plan for Greenhouse here in Gainesville and to our other cities in South Florida, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando. See you in October 2022!

registered for glc
registered online only

That's A

Wrap on 2021

Thanks for all your support of the Greenhouse Movement thus far. Would you continue to pray with us for harvest, and for church planters who have a call from God and a heart to see disciples all over Florida? We want strong, diverse, devoted leaders to saturate our state with disciples of Jesus who want to see His Kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you for partnering with Greenhouse as we help ordinary people become passionate followers of Jesus, all throughout our state, nation, and the world.